2) Informed consent for your fitness assessment

    Informed Consent In order to assess your physical fitness levels, the undersigned hereby voluntarily consents to engage in one or more of the following test (tick the appropriate boxes):


    There is a slight possibility of pulling a muscle or spraining a ligament during the muscle fitness and flexibility testing. In addition, you may experience muscle soreness 24 or 48 hours after testing. These risks can be minimized by performing warm-up exercises prior to taking the test. If muscle soreness occurs, appropriate stretching exercises to relieve this will be demonstrated.

    Expected benefits from testing

    These tests allow me to assess your physical working capacity and to appraise your physical fitness status. The results are used to prescribe a safe, sound exercise program for you. Records are kept strictly confidential unless you consent to release this information. Inquires questions about the procedures used in the physical fitness tests are encouraged. If you have any questions or need additional information, please ask us to explain further.

    Freedom of Consent

    Your permission to perform these physical fitness tests is strictly voluntary. You are free to stop the test at any point, if you so desire.


    Today's Date: 16 April 2024

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    I have read this form carefully and I fully understand the test procedures that I will perform and the risks and discomforts. Knowing these risks and having had the opportunity to ask questions that have been answered to my satisfaction. I consent to participate in these tests.