Exclusive 1-1 Personal Training in Ashtead, Surrey

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Looking to make a serious change to your health and fitness?

Here at Tom Daniel Functional Fitness Ashtead, Surrey I provide an exclusive 1-1 personal training service to help you achieve long lasting and transforming results that make a difference to your daily lives.

  • Do you lack focus and accountability in your workouts?
  • Do you lack motivation and find public gyms intimidating and way to busy?
  • Do you want a coach who will provide you with support and a structure outside of sessions?
  • Are you done with feeling tired and lethargic all the time?
  • Are you ready to look your best AND feel your best?
  • Are you looking for the most efficient and effective workouts to achieve your goals?
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Why choose me ?

Woman doing arm raises

1-1 training only

I keep the personal in personal training. You can be rest assured 100% of my energy and focus will be put into looking after your individual requirements to make sure you’re getting the most out of our sessions.

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Move better, Gain strength, Lose fat

Are you ready to feel good AND look good. I specialise in using the best functional training techniques to help you move better, gain strength and lose fat.

Skytu body scanner

Expert results tracking

Results is what it comes down to. Using the world’s best 3D scanner you will be guaranteed to gain the best insight into the changes your body makes while training with me.

What my clients have to say

Whatever your goals, age or physical capabilities, my training techniques will ensure you progress quickly and safely.

Michael DL
Michael DL
08:16 11 Aug 22
I have been working with Tom for some time now and I have seen real results. I have really appreciated the care and attention to detail he takes with regard to tailoring the exercises we do to my develop, really helping me improve my technique and giving me advice on lifestyle aspects like diet... outside of our sessions.Tom has always been supportive and encouraging. When I started I had a limited ability and suffered from a few previous injuries. Tom’s effort has meant that I have a lot more confidence now to do more and keep up the momentum with my fitness.In terms of results I have lost inches from my waistline and I continue to work with Tom to make further progress.I would heartily recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to get fitter and change the way they look like I am with someone who is knowledgeable, professional and most importantly supportive.Also happy to give personal recommendations about my own specific experience should you be considering Tom as a trainer and want to get in touch.read more
Paul Ross
Paul Ross
09:32 16 May 21
I highly recommend Tom. We discuss what I'm trying to achieve, take regular reviews and measurements and he explains/ demonstrates how to do each exercise. He is very encouraging as well as challenging to ensure I achieve what I'm capable of.
andrius adomaitis
andrius adomaitis
20:01 15 May 21
Helped me achieve my fitness goals while knowing your limits but also pushes you and is just a nice guy to work out with. would 100% recommend
Tim Beach
Tim Beach
08:52 07 May 21
I have been having PT sessions with Tom since January. He has improved my fitness considerably with fitness assessments and realistic goals. My sessions with Tom are varied, challenging and great fun. He ensures my technique is correct to prevent injury and has provided advice and encouragement... around exercise outside of our sessions. I would thoroughly recommend him.read more
Steve Harding
Steve Harding
11:49 14 Apr 21
Tom is both approachable and thoroughly professional and my sessions with Tom have been a perfect balance of challenge and fun. Perhaps most of all, however, I have been most impressed with Tom's knowledge and his use of technology between sessions to encourage and support me to meet the goals we... had set together. Thoroughly recommended!read more
Nick Levett
Nick Levett
11:09 01 Mar 21
I have trained for Tom since January 2021. He's motivational, knowledgeable and a good teacher. Would recommend.
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This is the time for me to get to know you! Your goals, exercise history, what really motivates you? I will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

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2 Complete Health and fitness assessment

Before you commit, receive a complete fitness and health assessment at my personal training studio in surrey or at your home.

Hit your goals

3 Choose your membership and hit your goals

When you’re ready, choose from a range of monthly memberships to suit you. I will then get to work to design the best programme possible to help you smash your goals and boost your confidence.

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