Tom Daniel . Personal Trainer

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BSc. Fitness and Personal Training

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How can I help you?

My personal training services are available all across Surrey, including Ashtead, Cobham & Leatherhead. I offer mobile personal trainer sessions by creating a personal training gym in your own home during our fitness sessions. With several different fitness training packages to choose from, you can save yourself the stress of going to the gym after a long working day. My services are available to both, males & females looking for healthier lifestyles!

As a personal trainer, I aim to help you train with PURPOSE.

Through a holistic approach to exercise, we will look not only at what your goals are but WHY you are trying to achieve them.

By implementing this strong foundation, you will gain a newfound motivation and clarity for your training. We will work together on your fitness and personal training goals. Further enabling you to smash your workouts on the good days and the bad days!

I use functional training techniques delivered to you at your home, via 1-1 virtual personal training or through my tailored online fitness trainer programs. Rest assured I work with the space you provide to create a personal training gym by tailoring every personal trainer session and programs to your PERSONAL needs. I offer you fun and enjoyable workouts that boost your energy levels and lead to noticeable differences in your day to day life.

By bringing my expertise and equipment to your home at a time that fits into your busy schedule, I can remove the time and stress of travelling to and from the gym, planning your workout and waiting for equipment to become free. One hour of exercising will only take an hour out of your day.

Why choose me?

Do you lack direction in your exercise routine? Do you struggle to maintain the motivation needed to exercise regularly?

I help you train with PURPOSE. By unlocking your purpose, I will assist you in seeing the goals you’ve dreamed of. As well as this, I will also help improve your inner strength motivation to achieve the results you deserve. Every exercise session with my mobile personal training gym will aim to take you a step nearer to your goal. Every fitness session will also improve your physical well-being and mental attitude to exercise. Let me help you train with purpose so you can power through life, happy, healthy and pain-free!


When training with me you will not only be enjoying varied workouts tailored to your needs. You will learn how to become a self-sufficient exerciser through my fitness training. We will work together to give you the confidence and knowledge to make exercise a consistent and lifelong habit.


Exercise shouldn’t leave you feeling tired. As a personal trainer, I utilise training techniques aimed at increasing the amount of energy you will gain back. This will leave you feeling alive, alert and refreshed, exactly the boost you need to stay on top of your busy lives.


No matter what your goal is, we will set, track and achieve attainable results. I use quantifiable data to allow you to see your progress and feel proud! Through my functional techniques, I will also help you to regain your mobility, improve your posture and reduce your injury risk.

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is a holistic style of training that is focused on training the body to mimic everyday movements. It can help you become stronger, more mobile, increase your flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury. Functional fitness can help you battle those everyday challenges such as looking after the kids or being able to sit at your work desk with no back pain.


1-1 Home Personal Training

Achieve a new level of fitness from within the walls of your home.

I offer bespoke 1-1 mobile personal trainer sessions across Surrey & Cobham, aimed at achieving your health and fitness goals in a functional way. By training at home, I provide you with maximum convenience and privacy.

Tailored Online Programmes

Are you looking for a program to follow that is specific to all your individual needs?

I offer bespoke personalised programs with a variety of time lengths to suit you. Every programs will be accompanied by access to my online coaching platform, video supported workouts and weekly check-ins.

1-1 Virtual Personal Training

Enjoy a COVID-19 alternative to personal training across the UK.

I offer high-quality virtual fitness trainer sessions via Skype or WhatsApp to help you achieve your fitness goals wherever you are! Don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from bettering yourself this year.

My personal training services are available across Surrey, including Ashtead, Cobham & Leatherhead. Get in touch with me today simply by filling out the enquiry form or contact me directly on 07306 118 306 to receive a FREE consultation.

What can I do for you


Functional Strength & Toning

Become stronger and more defined without the need of heavy weights and a sweaty gym.

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Functional Weight Loss

Unlock your body’s full potential with functional workouts. Perfect for losing those extra pounds.

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Corrective Exercise

Being functional means being injury free! Corrective exercise utilises specific exercises to target your bad posture, injuries and day-to-day niggles.

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Older adults

Functional training has been highlighted to benefit you the most. Exercises are predominantly focused on improving your strength and balance to bring your youth flooding back!

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My promise to you

Every training session with me will be…


Every session will be tailored towards functionally achieving your goals. Not only does the evidence support this method of training but also clients feel its application to their daily lives. What’s better than that!


Exercise can be fun! I use the latest functional equipment to create a personal training gym which enhances workouts both physically and mentally constantly bringing variety to never get boring.


The phrase ‘work out smarter not harder’ is appropriate here. With a strong background as a fitness trainer, I ensure that every workout you do with me has the latest scientific backing. From the choice of exercise to the structure of the program, I vow to maximize your time with the most efficient workouts to get you to your goals in no time.