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Best of both worlds Online + In person training

Are you ready to embrace the revolutionary hybrid training approach. Designed to provide a perfect middle ground for those looking for the convenience and accountability of online coaching while also benefiting from the expert guidance and motivation provided by my in person sessions.

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Who is it for?

My Hybrid training service is the ideal fitness solution for individuals who crave the flexibility of online personal training while valuing the personalized touch of in-person sessions. Whether you’re a busy professional with a fluctuating schedule, a frequent traveler, or someone seeking a comprehensive and adaptable training approach, hybrid training offers the best of both worlds. This innovative approach allows you to access to personalised training/nutrition programmes, weekly check ins and coaching from myself, full access to my training app and much more, making it convenient and time-efficient.

On top of this, the option for monthly in-person sessions ensures hands-on instruction, real-time feedback, and the motivational support of me by your side. These sessions provide a chance for you to challenge yourself with new exercises perfectly targeted to take your progress to new heights.

With hybrid training, you will feel empowered to achieve your fitness goals on your terms, no matter how dynamic your lifestyle may be. Embrace the freedom to train your way and unlock the full potential of your fitness journey with the versatility of hybrid training.

Your 3 step success plan

Apply & book your discovery call

1 Apply & book your discovery call

The first step is to fill out my application form and book your discovery call. This will help me to understand your unique requirements, challenges, motivations, and goals and to answer all the questions you may have.

Body scanning

2 Complete In person assessment and Online Onboarding

At my studio we will conduct a 360-degree assessment including a 3D Body composition analysis. You will also go through the online onboarding phase which will provide me with all the information I need to help you get the best results you can.

Man training in gym with PT

3 Time to get results

I will then create your personalised online training and nutritional programme designed around your specific requirements and goals. Alongside this we will book in your monthly in-person sessions where we will review your progress and make any needed adjustments.

Want to see if my Hybrid training is the right approach for you? I offer a zero-obligation coaching consultation + free assessment so you can have peace of mind in your choice.

Whats included in your hybrid training programme

My hybrid training service provides you with an all inclusive solution to help you achieve maximum results.

Weekly check-in icon

Weekly check-ins and video analysis

This is an integral part of my commitment to your success, as it allows me to closely monitor your progress, get your feedback and make appropriate changes to help to maximize your effectiveness for the upcoming week ultimately bettering your results.

1 to 1 training icon

Private 1-1 session every month

Every month you will have an in person session at my fully equipped studio in Ashtead, Surrey . We will conduct a monthly review and 3D body scan as well as have a great workout giving me an opportunity to provide real time feedback on your progress and exercise form.

3D body scanning icon

3D body scanning

Using the most accurate body scanner on the market you will be able to track visible results at regular intervals to boost your motivation and help keep you on the path to success.

Personalised training plan icon

Bespoke training programme

Following an in-depth assessment and based on your individual goals and requirements I will provide you with a bespoke training plan designed to get you results. No cookie-cutter programmes here!

Nutrition guidance icon

Nutrition programming and education

You will gain a tailored diet plan designed to get you to your goal while also incorporating foods you enjoy and work for your body to help achieve long term success.

Training App icon

Exclusive access to my training app

Providing you with a way to track all your workout stats, nutrition intake, body measurements and much more all in one place. On top of this you will have direct messaging access to me in the app or via WhatsApp support for any quick-fire questions or problems.

Online app tracking
Online app tracking

Track all your stats, feel empowered every step of the way

With full access to my app, you can easily track key health and fitness metrics, including body weight, body fat, workout stats, meal plans, and progress photos—all in one place. You can also sync your favorite devices and apps, like Apple Watch and MyFitnessPal, to monitor sleep, steps, calories and more.

The app includes an in-app messaging service for direct communication with me, making it convenient for questions or sending video exercise form checks. It’s a powerful and motivating tool to keep you accountable, and allows me to make real-time data-driven adjustments to optimize your progress.

Pricing for Progress: Choose Your Fitness Journey

There is no better investment than your health, its time to prioritize your wellbeing.


£245 *

* £295 for first month

For those wanting to spread the cost over the duration of their programme.

Want to see if my Hybrid training is the right approach for you? I offer a zero-obligation coaching consultation + free assessment so you can have peace of mind in your choice.