My name is Tom Daniel. I am a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. My love for fitness started from an early age with a deep fascination for pushing my body to its limit. From cross country running to pure body building and everything in between I spent my youth trying to figure out what true fitness was and how to achieve it.

Having recently gained a first-class honours degree in Fitness and Personal Training, I have gained the experience and knowledge to turn my passion into a career.

During my three years at university, I have been able to help my clients not only achieve their health and fitness goals, but also give them the confidence and drive to change their exercise habits for the longer term.

Throughout my fitness journey I have always looked to improve the way I train my body and recently this has led me to question, what is really important when I exercise? Is it to look great in the mirror but feel stiff and miserable all day? Or is it to train in a way which made me feel stronger, more mobile and better able to take on every day challenges with ease?

The answer to this was simple – Functional Training. Having studied functional training during my degree I have personally seen the benefit it can have on your daily life. Now my passion is to help you achieve your fitness goals using this style of training.


  • 1st class honours in Fitness and Personal Training.
  • 1st class honours in Functional Training.
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer – REPS.
  • First aid qualified.
  • Exercise Referral – REPS.
  • Level 3 Exercise for older adults – REPS.
  • Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation – REPS.
  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning – REPS.