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Allow me to introduce myself

Tom Daniel

Who am I?

I’m guessing you’ve either ended up here from a quick Google search for a personal trainer in Ashtead, Surrey, via a recommendation from a friend or navigated your way over from one of my amazing and insightful social media posts.

So now you’re looking around, trying to figure out if I’m the answer you’re looking for. So let’s keep it simple: who am I and what can I offer you?

Am I right for you?

For years I’ve been helping my clients achieve results they never thought were possible, often after years of frustration and empty promises from solutions they’d tried previous.

Do you find yourself relating with any of these questions …

  • Are you struggling to balance work, family, and personal commitments while still making time for your health?
  • Have you tried various diets and exercise programs without seeing the desired results?
  • Are you lacking the knowledge and guidance to create an effective workout plan tailored to your goals?
  • Do you often feel tired, low on energy, or sluggish throughout the day?
  • Are you frustrated by stubborn areas of fat that just won’t seem to go away?

If any of these questions have you nodding away, I am here to help. Now is the time to do something about it. Let’s embark on a transformative path to achieve your fitness goals and unlock your full potential. Your success story starts now.

Looking at stats


  • 1st class honours in Fitness and Personal Training.
  • 1st class honours in Functional Training.
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer – REPS.
  • First aid qualified.
  • Exercise Referral – REPS.
  • Level 3 Exercise for older adults – REPS.
  • Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation – REPS.
  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning – REPS.