1-1 Personal Training Studio Ashtead, Surrey

Are you tired of lacklustre results and overcrowded gyms?

Here at my personal training studio in Ashtead, Surrey you are the centre of what I do. As an exclusively private 1-1 studio you can be assured of high-quality tailored training sessions aimed at pushing you to unlock your maximum potential. Our partnership will be based on mutual accountability – if your willing to go the extra mile so am I!

Let me help you to move better, gain new found strength and lose that stubborn belly fat.

Why train at my studio?

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Exclusive 1-1 Training

My studio is designed for those looking for a relaxed, friendly environment. One who values their time and doesn’t want to worry about equipment being free or people watching as they train.

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360 approach

Proven personalised workouts, regular check ins and video support outside of sessions, world class results tracking. Together we will form a partnership to keep you motivated and driven to achieve your goals.

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Evidence based

Using the latest scientific research you can be sure your getting the most up to date, effective and efficient workouts tailored to your needs.

What’s included in all memberships

My personal training service provides you with an all-inclusive fitness solution to help you succeed

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Exclusive 1-1 sessions

Experience a relaxed and fully equipped studio environment with complete focus on you.

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Expert guidance

With a first class hons degree in personal training and a range of happy client’s rest assured I will be able to help support you throughout your fitness journey.

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3D body scanning

Using the most accurate body scanner on the market you will be able to track visible results at regular intervals to boost your motivation and help keep you on the path to success.

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Personalised training plan

I create a personalised training plan based around your individual requirements and goals.

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Video workouts

You will receive extra support outside of your sessions via my app to help boost results and accountability.

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Nutrition guidance

For specific goals looking at changing your weight and body composition I provide nutrition guidance via my app.

Membership Prices

My Memberships include many features to help achieve your goals.

1 session per week

A membership designed for those looking to add a weekly focal point and expert programming to an established exercise routine.

£180 a month

2 sessions per week

An ideal option for those who are out of routine and looking for the structure and guidance needed to make serious changes to their health and fitness.

£340 a month

3 sessions per week

The most time efficient and effective way to achieve your goals. This plan enables you to be expertly guided through all your weekly workouts with consistency and a clear focus.

£500 a month
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