Corrective Exercise

Target your bad posture, injuries and day-to-day niggles

Corrective exercise is imperative to correcting imbalances and getting you back to your best.

Unless you plan on sitting on the sofa for the rest of your life movement is one of those things you are going to do, pretty much every day. This therefore is no fun when you have a niggly injury or dysfunction that is preventing you from performing at your best day in day out.

Corrective exercise is a form of functional training which evolves around correcting faulty movement patterns or muscle imbalances which cause problems with your balance, coordination and posture ultimately leading to injuries.

The use of corrective exercise is vital to help keep your body in unity helping you to manage your body’s load effectively in every day movements. This furthermore will help reduce the risk of a bad injury ever occurring and also open up more exercises you can perform to help strengthen your body to perform better in everything you do.

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