Benefits Of Working Out During Winter

Cold weather workouts are far more challenging compared to summer workouts. The body loses heat faster through convective heat transfer. It also becomes more challenging to maintain the core temperature of your internal organs as you work out. To work out in cold weather, you need to make appropriate preparations. Before you even leave the front door you will need to put on layers of clothes to keep warm and comfortable. Furthermore you will need to be prepared to deal with the lack of light and adverse conditions like snow and ice, (be careful!). These factors alone increase the temptation to stay indoors, watch Netflix and put the kettle on. This therefore means an extra level of mental strength is required. If however, you are disciplined enough and you do go out, The benefits of working out in winter on your body and your mind far out weight training in any other season.

Here are 5 great benefits of working out during winter

It Improves Your Mood

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or ‘winter blues’ is characterized by depression. According to research published in Psychiatry, approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from mild to severe depression during winter. One of the best ways of combating these feelings of sadness is by working out.

Workouts can help our bodies secrete more feel-good hormones. Researchers have found that workouts are up to 4 times more effective than taking antidepressants in the relief of depression symptoms. If you decide to exercise outdoors, you will not only get fresh air and boost your mood but also get a good dose of vitamin D.

It Boosts Your Immune System

Each winter brings around illnesses, and most people blame it on the cold weather. However, it is the viruses that make us sick and being congested in a heated room can expose you to more viruses compared to staying outdoors.

It Is A Great Cardiovascular Workout

Both your body and the cardiovascular system works harder when working out in the cold weather. Your heart works hard to pump blood, and this keeps it healthy and in good shape. With heart diseases being on the rise, it is a great thing to know that winter workouts can help in keeping your heart healthy and strong.

Woman exercising in winter

Your Performance Increases

If you like to run, bike, or walk, the humidity and heat of summer can make it challenging to up your mileage or intensity. On the other hand, cold weather makes it easier to handle more intensity since you are not subjected to that stress. If you want to break a new personal record in a race, you should try working out during winter. According to a study that was published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises, marathon runners recorded slow performance in warm temperatures as compared to colder temperatures. During winter workouts, it is recommended to do an adequate warm-up to relax your muscles.

You Burn More Calories

When working out during winter, your metabolism will speed up. It also works faster, and thus you end up burning more fat. An increased metabolism rate means that you may end up losing a few pounds.