Live virtual training is simply an online 1-1 personal training session with me. I use Skype or WhatsApp as video conferencing tools. This gives you the ability to train from wherever you desire.

I will guide, demonstrate and coach you through your workout just as I would in person. Just because it may be done through a screen doesn’t mean the results will not be the same if not better!

Providing a personalised approach

Tailored to your personal needs

As with in person training, we will first discuss and evaluate your current level of fitness, we will take in to consideration what you want to achieve, what your current fitness levels are and any current or past injuries, all of this to help maximise each session we have together.

No equipment needed

As a functional fitness specialist, I prioritise training my clients with their own bodyweight. I can create, adapt and regress bodyweight exercises to help you achieve any fitness goal you desire. This being said I can easily incorporate any equipment you do have into our sessions.

Support through online coaching app

Alongside our sessions you will have access to my online training platform on TrueCoach. This will enable you to access further workouts I upload for you with video support. You will be able to track your progress easily and upload progress pictures if you wish. You will also be able to give me feedback on specific exercises and workouts sending me videos of your form or messaging me via the in-app messaging service, all this so I can customize your workouts further to get you to your goals faster.


Every session will be tailored towards achieving your goals in a functional way. You will be able to achieve your goals and notice the difference in your day-to-day life!

Ready to get started?

How it works



Video Consultation/Initial Fitness Assessment (60-90 min) completely FREE.

During the consultation we will discuss you. This will aim to help us gage a clear focus of your goals and motivation to exercise as well as some exercise and medical history. It will also allow me to answer any questions you may have.

The second part will be the fitness assessment, this stage will be focused on understanding your physical capabilities. We will look at your movement patterns alongside testing you in areas specific to your goals whether that be strength, endurance, flexibility or balance. Using the data, we collect I will help advise you to form specific and achievable goals so we can make a plan of action on how to achieve them.


The main package

The main package (60 min sessions). This is where the fun begins. Armed with the knowledge from your initial assessment we will work hard to improve on your weakness and achieve your goals. Each online workout will look to progress from the last. We will use a range of different equipment to bring variety and enjoyment to every workout. Alongside our sessions you will have access to my online training platform on true coach. This will enable you to access further workouts I upload for you with video support.


Post assessment

Post assessment (40-60 min session) – Via Skype or WhatsApp.

On our final session together, we will conduct the fitness assessments you completed at the start. From this we will be able to determine how well you progressed, whether you achieved your goal or you just missed the mark. It’s a time for reflection where honesty is key – did you put in the necessary work? After reflecting and celebrating the success of your fitness journey so far we can then move on to setting new more ambitious challenges to conquer.

Ready to get started?