Functional Weight Loss

Perfect for losing those extra pounds

Increase your metabolism through functional weight loss training.

One of the biggest myths in exercise for weight loss is that you have to run for hours on end to get anywhere! This is simply untrue.

If you’re looking to shed those extra pounds then let me introduce you to a proven and effective method to do so. Functional training as a tool for weight loss helps enhance the muscles metabolism accelerating it to increase the calories your body burns even after your workout is complete. This is known as the afterburn effect.

You will be put through a variety of full body functional exercises in various forms whether that be HIIT (high intensity interval training) or circuit training with the aim of utilising your anaerobic energy system so that you can achieve that afterburn effect. Don’t be fooled you will need to work hard but not only will you see those pounds come off in no time you will be moving better, feeling stronger and have less chance of picking up an injury.

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